sociology for the public

Summer 2020

Volume: 19 | Number: 3

This special issue focuses on topics of indigeneity and identity. This topic is increasingly relevant given the new, sizable wave of social justice activism within Indigenous populations that parallels and intersects with Black Lives Matter, Me Too, and other related movements in important ways. The interdisciplinary field of Indigenous studies is growing rapidly and generating new theoretical spaces relevant to sociology. Concepts central to Indigenous studies such as settler colonialism and Indigenous resurgence, as well as anti-colonial research methodologies and ethics are particularly relevant to sociology. The contributions in this special issue present important ways for thinking through questions and concepts about race and inequality, two central concerns in sociology.

Working through Cultural Trauma

A 2019 calendar on the history of racial injustice, created by the Equal Justice Initiative.Elvert Barnes, Flickr CC … Read More

Anishinaabe Inclusive Politics

Photo by Andrew James (Source: Unsplash) The Michigan Anishinaabek (Odawa, Bodewadmi, and Ojibwe Indians) have many historic political heroes. Read More

Battling for Native American Lands

Photo by Nik Shuliahin (Source: Unsplash) Congress must enact legislation to “fix” the 2009 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Carcieri … Read More

Is Homeschooling about Race?

Image by anaterate (Source: Pixabay) When determining what schooling option best fits children, race is a common factor embedded … Read More

culture and journalism: a q&a with jillian anthony

Alisha Kirchoff and Fabio Rojas interview Jillian Anthony, a writer, journalist, and editor based in New York City. She was the chief editor of Time Out … Read More

Indigenous Identity, Being, and Belonging

In her bid as a 2020 Democratic candidate for President, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren found herself on the defensive when President Donald J. Trump repeatedly … Read More

Letters from the Editors

From the Contexts Editors: One of our primary goals as editors of Contexts magazine is to highlight and center scholarship … Read More

America’s White Hands of Death

The phrase “political polarization” seems to be everywhere these days. Regardless of the topic, as the poles of … Read More

Antiracism is a Constant Struggle

    From the moment President Trump announced his campaign with the claim that Mexican migrants were rapists … Read More