sociology for the public

Spring 2015

Volume: 14 | Number: 2

Examining boundaries and unstable states, from the liminal lives of the undiagnosed to those of Palestinians living in Israeli settlements, this issue considers lines drawn on maps and within hearts.

Oyler School Against the Odds

Drive west from downtown Cincinnati, over the railroad tracks that snake beneath the 8th Street Viaduct, and you’ll find a little slice of Appalachia, nestled … Read More

Egalitarian Preferences, Gendered Realities

Most people say they’d prefer a balanced relationship. Photo by HomeSpot HQ via Flickr CC. Sociologists have been studying the gender revolution’s stalled progress … Read More

Fifty Years of “New” Immigration

My father arrived in New York City in 1970 from Pakistan with only a few things: a suitcase, … Read More

Sense of Control

Image by philhearing via Flickr CC. Social psychologists stress the importance of a sense of personal control as well as its sister traits, self-efficacy … Read More

Flash-Mob Movements

An artist’s remix of an “Unbroken” movie poster shows how far the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” message from Ferguson spread. Image by PosterBoy via … Read More

How Students Experience Desegregation Efforts

Photo by dhendrix73 via Flickr Many have decried the continued segregation of U.S. public schools along race and class lines, calling for action to … Read More

Academic Doping?

Adderral photo by hipsxxhearts via Flickr CC   Adolescents (or their parents) are 30% more likely to fill prescriptions for psychotropic drugs (usually stimulants … Read More

Learning to Parent Transgender Children

Photo by darkday via Flickr.   Over the past few years, stories of transgender children celebrated by their parents have flooded the Internet. But … Read More

Got Skills?

Photo by KittyKaht via Flickr.   If you’re an academic, moving to the non-academic, post-academic, or alt-academic job market requires a revolution in your … Read More

Words Burn Lips

Rami and Hassan took the author to visit the abandoned cemetery of an Arab village destroyed in 1948 before … Read More