Fall 2016 Table of Contents

The Fall 2016 issue of Contexts is available for free online until January 20, 2017 at http://journals.sagepub.com/home/ctx. In addition, links to select articles below will go live as the articles become available on contexts.org over the next month. If a link does not work, the article has not yet published online.

letter from the editors:
Trumped.” by Syed Ali and Philip N. Cohen.

in brief:
Class mobility and racial fluidity: new research from the journals.

  • Darker Skin, Harsher Sentence
  • University of Phoenix vs. University of Unicorns
  • Black Names Aren’t That Simple
  • Institutionalizing Prison Reentry
  • Children of Immigrants, Changing Races
  • Class Mobility Goes Way Back
  • Screening Therapy Clients by Race and Class
  • Not Making Mom Proud
  • For Couple Stability, Context is Key
  • The Complex Path to Secular Identity

Indians and Cowboys and Everyone Else,” by Eamon Whalen. Musician Sunny Jain and his band, Red Baraat, are fusing cultures and influences to form a rowdy revolution.

Financial Foreclosures,” by Frederick F. Wherry, Kristin S. Seefeldt, Anthony S. Alvarez, Daniel Beunza, Alex Preda, and Kevin Leicht. Four essays on the regulation, reform, and reformulations needed to rebuild and fortify the U.S. economy, on scales personal and national.

“Fat Eggs or Fit Bodies,” by Rebecca L. Upton. How HIV treatment, fertility fears, and western values have confounded traditional beauty ideals in Botswana.

“God’s Case for Sex,” by Orit Avishai and Kelsy Burke. Conservative religions aren’t incompatible with pleasure, say the Evangelical Christians and Orthodox Jews who live and love by God’s rules.

“Revisiting the Rationing of Medical Degrees in the United States,” by Tania M. Jenkins and Shalini Reddy. Degree rationing is good for U.S. med school graduates, even as it exacerbates physician shortages.

“Activating Politics with Poetry and Spoken Word,” by Valerie Chepp. Millennial activism finds new purchase in a revival of spoken word poetry as an adaptable advocacy, organizing, and mobilizing tool.

in pictures:
“Religion, Migration, and Change in a European City,” by Roman R. Williams. A sociologist of religion, culture, and globalization captures all three at work in Antwerp.

Rules without Referees.” Philip Vlahakis on self-regulation and the spirit of the game.

“Antwerp’s Appetite for African Hands.” Jenny Folsom on a Belgian symbol of resilience–and colonial brutality.

“Weiners Galore.” Joshua Gamson on the documentary’s real reveal. *An earlier version of this article appeared as a blog post on contexts.org.

“Is a ‘Warm Hookup’ an Oxymoron?” Paula England on American Hookup.

“Mapping Where the Girls Are.” Lisa D. Brush on Girls and Sex.

“The Year English Soccer Wasn’t For Sale.” Andrew M. Lindner and Ryan P. Larson on a soccer surprise.

“Out of the Closet, Onto the Field?” Philip Veliz on the durable heterosexuality of sport.

“Walmart’s Consumer Redlining.” Adam Reich can’t put a happy face on retail racism. *An earlier version of this article appeared as a blog post on contexts.org.

teaching & learning
“Ending White Saviorism in Study Abroad.” Kristjane Nordmeyer, Nicole Bedera, and Trisha Teig on innovating toward “model country learning.”

back page
The Contemporary American University, In Seven Emails.” Rebecca Schuman presents an academic lament in satire.