understanding people in their social worlds

Fall 2016

Volume: 15 | Number: 4

Children of Immigrants, Changing Races

The children of immigrants in the U.S. may change how they self-identify partly because of peer influences in the transition into adulthood and partly because of stress about social and academic performance. Read More

University of Phoenix vs. University of Unicorns

Do hiring managers use the perceived quality of an educational institution in their decisions? Read More

Revisiting the Rationing of Medical Degrees in the United States

The first time Spencer applied to medical school, he sent applications to 28 colleges across the country. As a well-rounded graduate of an Ivy League … Read More

The Contemporary American University, In Seven Emails

FROM: Office of the President TO: all-campus-listserv SUBJ: incidents In light of recent protest activity in reaction to, among other things, the misspelled Nazi graffiti, … Read More

Financial Foreclosures

As far as acronyms go, SIGTARP is a stiffly prosecutorial one. It stands for the Office of the Special Inspector General for TARP. The latter, … Read More

Darker Skin, Harsher Sentence

A wealth of sociological research documents how Blacks are disadvantaged by the criminal justice system, from higher likelihood of being stopped by police to much … Read More

Indians and Cowboys and Everyone Else

Sunny Jain has spent his career as a drummer and composer, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western music. As the son of Punjabi … Read More

Fall 2016 Table of Contents

The Fall 2016 issue of Contexts is available for free online until January 20, 2017 at In addition, links to select articles … Read More


The election of Donald Trump as the most powerful man on the planet was bad news for sociologists in at least three important ways. Read More

Rules without Referees