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Summer 2017

Volume: 16 | Number: 3

Black Lives and Police Tactics Matter

Do police provide a public good or do they perpetuate racial inequality? Like most institutions, they do both. Nonetheless, thanks to the tragic deaths of … Read More

The Closet

How many Americans do you think are gay or lesbian? Take a minute, think about it, and take your best guess. Read More

Summer 2017 From the Editors

As we write, millions of Texans are struggling through a hurricane for which we had years of warning. The president took a break … Read More

Summer 2017 Table of Contents

From the Editors Viewpoints Title IX at XLV Defending takes priority over celebrating this landmark legislation in essays from Shehzad Nadeem, Cheryl Cooky, … Read More

title ix at xlv

Title IX turned 45 this year. This would normally be a cause for celebration, but these are not normal times. Instead, as with many advances … Read More