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Summer 2017

Volume: 16 | Number: 3

Health, Now and Later

What is the relationship between diabetes and personality? Read More

Of Porn and Prayer

Is the rise in pornography consumption reducing religiosity? Read More

Get Tough on the Huddled Masses

Illegal documentation status elicits the strongest support for aggressive policing. Read More

Hope in the Sweatshops of Buenos Aires

We went into La Salada, Latin America’s largest marketplace for low-cost garments, with a clear idea of what the word “sweatshop” meant: deplorable working conditions, … Read More

Where Punishment and Pregnancy Meet

Megan Comfort: Hi Carolyn! I’m really excited to talk with you about your new book, Jailcare: Finding the Safety Net for Women Behind Bars. Read More

Black Lives and Police Tactics Matter

Do police provide a public good or do they perpetuate racial inequality? Like most institutions, they do both. Nonetheless, thanks to the tragic deaths of … Read More

The Closet

How many Americans do you think are gay or lesbian? Take a minute, think about it, and take your best guess. Read More

Summer 2017 From the Editors

As we write, millions of Texans are struggling through a hurricane for which we had years of warning. The president took a break … Read More

Summer 2017 Table of Contents

From the Editors Viewpoints Title IX at XLV Defending takes priority over celebrating this landmark legislation in essays from Shehzad Nadeem, Cheryl Cooky, … Read More

title ix at xlv

Title IX turned 45 this year. This would normally be a cause for celebration, but these are not normal times. Instead, as with many advances … Read More