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Diversity, Inequality and Health

Each issue, Contexts reviews the latest in groundbreaking sociological research. You can read Contexts Discoveries online at Read More

Survey research controversy, white anti-racist activists, and supernatural beliefs

do ties still bind? In 2004, nearly one-quarter of Americans reported they couldn’t discuss personal issues with anyone in their lives. Or so the survey … Read More

Spam, Letters to the Editor and Gossip

Abstract Read More

Marriage, Emoticons and Dual Citizenship

thinking twice about marriage Love may never go out of style, but the added benefits of healthy married life may be a thing of … Read More

Citizenship, Anger and Bad Reputations

permanently alien in japan After World War II, 600,000 of Japan’s former Korean colonial subjects remained there and have never been granted automatic citizenship. Read More

Katrina, Jesus, and Mass Media

what went wrong after katrina Welfare critics have argued that reliance on government assistance instead of “legitimate” work has created a class of people … Read More

Narcissistic CEOs and Political Stinkeye

the environmental costs of global bargain shopping Why are Olympic athletes in Beijing worried about the air quality in a country on the rise? … Read More

Union Motherhood and Mortal Rockstars

we (women) make america work Mothers and unions are rarely associated, but Cynthia J. Cranford (Qualitative Sociology, December 2007) found that women leaders … Read More

Colorblindness, Being Rich vs. Being Smart, Feminism for Men

‘…but some of my best friends are black’ If you think spending time with diverse friends keeps your prejudices in check, Eileen O’Brien and … Read More