sociology for the public

Summer 2013

Volume: 12 | Number: 3

This issue explores suburban fight clubs, veterans struggling with mental health, and ex-offenders struggling to re-enter society. Also: viewpoints on charter schools, Linsanity, the rise of the “illegal alien” and marriage equality support among black gays and lesbians.

The Armstrong Effect

When cyclist Lance Armstrong admitted to doping, he joined a growing list of professional athletes with ruined reputations. But public humiliation is not the end … Read More

The Hug Treatment

by Cassandra ConlinAt a world economic summit in Cannes in 2011, Barack Obama walked into the room, shaking the … Read More

Food Deserts

by Shirley CannonSince 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama has led the fight against childhood obesity. In “Let’s Move,” an … Read More

Masculinity in Many Forms

Weekend warriors in suburban basements, basketball stars who are also ethnic icons, ex-cons on the streets of New York—masculinity comes in many forms. While we … Read More

Meet Our Department Editors

Viewpoints Syed Ali studies emigration and assimilation, has done fieldwork in Hyderabad, India, New York City, and Dubai, and is the author of Dubai: Gilded … Read More

Don’t Say Gay

For now, “the love that dare not speak its name” won’t be silenced in Tennessee. Since 2008, Republican Senator Stacey Campfield has been trying to … Read More

Shaming Obesity

Although many public health experts consider obesity to be among the most serious health challenges in the U.S. and … Read More

Bushels of Misconduct

When ethics violations occur in business, we often hear it is the result of “a few bad apples”—individuals like … Read More

Keeping it in the Family

For a while when people asked what I did for work, I’d mumble that I’d gone into the family business. Then I took to calling … Read More


Hannah Scott's family legacy is its tobacco farm. In this communal work, they find history and hope for a future. She captures their work in a loving photo essay. Read More