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Bathroom Battlegrounds and Penis Panics

How transgender rights legislation got framed as “bathroom bills,” with seemingly everyone trying to mark their territory. Read More

Marrying Across Class Lines

All marriages have their ups and downs, but cross-class marriages may see unique challenges. Photo by Garry Knight. Christie, a cheerful social worker in … Read More

Carrying Guns, Contesting Gender

How carrying a concealed weapon reinforces and challenges gender norms and changes how women move through and experience public space. Read More

Molly Deaths and the Failed War on Drugs

Sociologist Tammy L. Anderson proposes that the 2003 RAVE Act may endanger ravers more than protect them. Today's popularity of huge commercial raves—and the incidence of health complications at them—suggests this relic law of the twentieth century War on Drugs needs our attention.. Read More

Medicalizing Racism

Sociologist James M. Thomas examines how public and scientific accounts of racism draw upon medical and psychological models, and how this contributes to our understandings of racism as a medical, rather than social, problem. Read More

Mothering While Disabled

Sociologist Angela Frederick argues the legacy of the Eugenics movement persists today. She explores how mothers with disabilities continue to face pervasive threats to their right to parent. Read More

The Sex Lives of Sex Researchers

Sociologist Janice M. Irvine examines biographies of Alfred Kinsey in order to explore stigma attached to sexuality research. Read More

What Drove Anders Breivik?

Political psychologist Barry Richards looks behind the anti-Muslim motive which appeared to drive Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik. While agreeing with the court's judgment that Breivik was responsible for his actions, he finds a deeply deluded and paranoid person for whom the massacre of young political activists (mainly non-Muslim) was a desperate attempt to defend his fragile masculinity. Read More

Foodies Remaking Cities

Drawing examples from the North American food cart movement and restaurant scenes in gentrifying neighborhoods, sociologists Amy Hanser and Zachary Hyde explore the role of food in transforming urban spaces. Read More

Consuming Rice, Branding the Nation

Sociologist Janine Chi examines how rice-based dishes and cuisines in Asia are featured in culinary tourism to promote national distinction and identity. Read More