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Second Life’s Second Life

©2013 Linden LabExperts have voiced concerns about digital addiction and social isolation among online gaming enthusiasts. But virtual platforms, … Read More

The New (Gay Male) Normal

Amanda LanzoneNBC’s now-defunct sitcom The New Normal featured a happy gay couple living in Los Angeles, and their efforts … Read More


©2013 Taslima AkhterWhen a garment factory collapsed outside of Dhaka, Bangladesh last April and more than 1,100 peopled died, … Read More

Table For One, Please

Kimberly HoltzWhile meals give us a chance to bond with friends and family, a growing number of studies find … Read More

Tiger Moms vs. Real Moms

Youjin OhToday, it seems like the only way to raise successful, accomplished, well-behaved children is through extreme parenting. Yale … Read More

Don’t Say Gay

For now, “the love that dare not speak its name” won’t be silenced in Tennessee. Since 2008, Republican Senator Stacey Campfield has been trying to … Read More

The Armstrong Effect

When cyclist Lance Armstrong admitted to doping, he joined a growing list of professional athletes with ruined reputations. But public humiliation is not the end … Read More

The Hug Treatment

by Cassandra ConlinAt a world economic summit in Cannes in 2011, Barack Obama walked into the room, shaking the … Read More

Food Deserts

by Shirley CannonSince 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama has led the fight against childhood obesity. In “Let’s Move,” an … Read More

Shaming Obesity

Although many public health experts consider obesity to be among the most serious health challenges in the U.S. and … Read More