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Love Me, Love My…

Our pets, deceased loved ones, robots, and even computer-generated artworks are just some of the unconventional characters taking their place among Americans’ circles of companions and confidantes. This trend prompts a reflection on who or what is a social actor, and who or what makes up a person’s social networks. Read More

The Myth of the Over-Scheduled Child

Conventional wisdom suggests the younger generation will suffer long-term social and psychological consequences from too much structured time. But a hard look at national data … Read More

Fertility Rates and Youth Voting

worries over a population implosion by deborah carr For many demographers, old fears of too many people in the world have been replaced by new … Read More

Gender Politics

Despite the female candidates involved in the historic 2008 election, women trail men in all types of elected offices in the United States. The fascinating … Read More

middle (aged) kingdom

China’s “one-child policy” is hailed as the world’s most effective overpopulation control policy. It has been so effective, in fact, Chinese population officials now fear … Read More

The Greenwashing of America

Jarring statistics point out what little impact recyclers and low-carbon pledgers among us are having on saving the environment. Mass media accounts of corporate “greening” … Read More

Keeping the Faith

After the 2004 election, political pundits credited the religious right with ushering George W. Bush into office. Adherents to the culture war thesis—that political conflict … Read More