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Sociological takes on recent news and research.

Weighing the Evidence

Sociologist Michael Bader reviews two books, Fat Chance and What's Wrong with Fat?, that hope to reshape the debate about obesity in America. Read More

Political Theater

Urban sociologist, Virág Molnár, reviews the books No Billionaire Left Behind and Thank You, Anarchy. The books examine satirical activism and Occupy Wall Street's mix of direct democracy and anarchism as examples of unconventional political protest in the contemporary United States. Read More

Writing The City

Anthropologist John Hartigan considers the tricks and travails of writing about cities, via a review of Detroit: An American Autopsy and Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas. Read More

The Poverty of Policy

Family scientist Kevin Roy reviews the books So Rich, So Poor and Ain't No Trust. The books examine the consequences of welfare reform policy for low-income families and the next steps in dealing with rising social inequality. Read More

Slot Machine Capitalism

What is seductive about casino gambling? Sociologist Jacob Avery reviews the books Addiction by Design and Gambling for Profit in a desperate attempt to win some answers. Read More

Precarious Work

Sociologist Gretchen Purser reviews the books The Temp Economy, Intern Nation and The Precariat. These books explore recent transformations in the labor market and the increasingly precarious nature of work. Read More

Schooling Elites

Lisa M. Stulberg reviews two new books on education and the creation of each new generation of American elites: Shamus Rahman Khan's Privilege: The Making of an Adolescent Elite at St. Paul’s School, and Amy J. Binder and Kate Wood's Becoming Right: How Campuses Shape Young Conservatives. Read More

The New Class War

Jeff Manza reviews three recent books and their takes on the coming (or current) class war so many believe is tearing America apart: Charles Murray's Coming Apart: The State of White America, Timothy Noah's The Great Divergence: America’s Growing Inequality Crisis and What We Can Do About It, and Christopher Hayes's Twilight of the Elites: After Meritocracy. Read More

Living “Single”

Sociologist Pamela J. Smock reviews two recent monographs on the topic of singlehood. One, Going Solo, is authored by sociologist Eric Klinenberg and the other, Single: Arguments for the Uncoupled, is authored by English professor Michael Cobb. Read More

Marx on Finance

Fredric Jameson’s new reading of Marx’s Capital, vol. 1 uses Marx’s account of the accumulation of capital in the form of producer goods to argue that a rising rate of structural unemployment is a fundamental tendency of capitalism as Marx understood, thereby challenging a “workerist” view of how Marx though capitalism could eventually end. Scholar Robert Meister argues that Jameson fails to grasp the role financial thinking in Marx’s account of the dual role of producer goods as both means of production and financial assets, and uses this account to sketch a view of the role of financial asset markets in production that builds on a Marxian foundation. Read More