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Q&A With Maria Ressa: Journalism, the Philippine Government, and Cyber Libel

Maria Ressa. Photo by Paul Papadimitriou (Source: Flickr, cc). Maria Ressa worked at CNN for nearly twenty years, as … Read More

culture and journalism: a q&a with jillian anthony

Alisha Kirchoff and Fabio Rojas interview Jillian Anthony, a writer, journalist, and editor based in New York City. She was the chief editor of┬áTime Out … Read More

Hate Crimes and Domestic Terrorism on Campus

Army 2nd Lieutenant Richard W. Collins III was murdered on the campus where I work. As a professor, local resident, and father to two Black … Read More

Intellectual Integrity and the Relevance of Sociology to Public Policy

Margarita Mooney interviews Robert P. George. Read More

Big Data and the American Dream, an Interview with David Grusky

Stanford sociologist David Grusky spent more than three decades conducting research on inequality and social mobility. I sat down with him to talk … Read More

Race, Displacement, and the Public Intellectual: An Interview with Viet Thanh Nguyen

Viet Thanh Nguyen is a Vietnamese American novelist and academic whose books include The Refugees, Nothing Ever Dies, Race and Resistance, and a new … Read More

Activism and the Academy, An Interview with Cornel West

Cornel West wears many hats: He is a professor (currently Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard University), author (of 20 books), film … Read More

Broadening the Landscape of Blackness, An Interview with Ayana V. Jackson

In the ongoing and profound expansion of possibility in the visual landscape of Blackness, photographer Ayana V. Jackson brings a critical, aesthetic edge that is … Read More

Why Clinton Lost, An Interview with Melissa Harris-Perry

Sociologist Hana Brown sat down with her Wake Forest University colleague, Melissa Harris-Perry, to discuss the 2016 Presidential election, life as a professor, and … Read More

On Culture, Politics, and Poverty

The Great Recession, Occupy, and Black Lives Matter: all have helped raise public consciousness around issues of economic disadvantage. Leading figures from both major political … Read More