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Socioeconomic Patterns Among Sexual Minorities

Photo by julientromeur. (Source: Pixabay) “There is wide socioeconomic variation among LGB people that has been overlooked by previous … Read More

Changing Social Context and Queer Recruitment Panics

Photo by Stavrialena Gontzou on Unsplash New Gallup numbers on LGBT Americans are causing quite the stir after the … Read More

Does Cohabitation Compensate for Marriage Decline?

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash According to Lamidi and Manning, a larger share of young … Read More

“Hong Kong, Add Oil!”: The Lennon Walls in the 2019 Hong Kong Movement

  A Lennon Wall in a metro station. (Photo by Yao-Tai Li) In June 2019, millions poured onto the … Read More

White Allyship Means a Transfer of Power

A photo from a June 2, 2020 protest in Marin City, CA. (Photo by Peg Hunter via Flickr, CC) … Read More

How Privilege Shaped the COVID-19 Pandemic

Early in the Pandemic, Tom Hanks contracted coronavirus. His privilege allowed for quick diagnosis in care than many other … Read More

Pandemics Prey on Fears, Both Legitimate and Illegitimate

Photo by Calvin Richi. (Source: Pixabay) In addition to causing thousands of deaths and economic chaos, the global COVID-19 … Read More

How Many Bad Apples? Investigating Implicit and Explicit Bias Among Police Officers and the General Public

Photo by Beautyiseverywhere (Source: Pixabay) Research shows that Blacks and Latinos are much more vulnerable to police … Read More

Black Artists and Elite Taste Culture

Patricia A. Banks on the uneven unfolding of racial and gender diversity in elite art markets. Read More

Undocumented Asians, Left in the Shadows

Undocumented Asian immigrants remain in the shadows. Neither researchers nor policymakers pay much attention to their unique experiences, instead focusing on undocumented Latinx and the … Read More