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Race, Class, and the Framing 
of Drug Epidemics

As America’s opiate epidemic rages on, calls for “treatment not punishment” dominate the national media. The hypocrisy of this response is not lost on a … Read More

Black Lives and Police Tactics Matter

Do police provide a public good or do they perpetuate racial inequality? Like most institutions, they do both. Nonetheless, thanks to the tragic deaths of … Read More

Marijuana’s Moral Entrepreneurs, Then and Now

Today, more than one in five U.S. adults live in a state where they can walk into a store to purchase recreational marijuana products, ranging … Read More

Desperation and Service in the Bail Industry

I cold-called Bettie.* Her son, Terrance, had a warrant for a serious crime, and he had turned himself in to the local jail. I’d called Bettie … Read More

“Straight Girls Kissing,” Beyond the Elite College Campus

Many straight-identified young women have same-gender sexual or romantic experiences. Research on sexual fluidity, hooking up, and “straight girls kissing” has largely focused on women … Read More

Revisiting the Rationing of Medical Degrees in the United States

The first time Spencer applied to medical school, he sent applications to 28 colleges across the country. As a well-rounded graduate of an Ivy League … Read More

Friends with Academic Benefits

“Sometimes it’s a good thing to be like your friends, and sometimes it isn’t…. If they’re getting all As, of course I want to be … Read More

The King of Compton

Tick-a-Lott (the first dancer) performing along Hollywood Boulevard with other OG pop-lockersStraw Mann started the dance circle. As people backed up to clear space, Trenseta … Read More

A Hand Up for Lower-Income Families

Welfare queens driving Cadillacs. Food stamp kings buying filet mignon. The stereotypes are rife. What if there was a way to support lower-income families without … Read More

Microscopic Hair Comparison and the Sociology of Science

Flawed forensics and overstated claims make scientific evidence tricky at trial. Read More