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In Pictures

Nuanced, visual explorations of sociological themes.

Under God: Stories from Soho Road

Photographer Liz Hingley documents the religious diversity of Birmingham’s Soho Road. She writes, “At a time when religion can breed fear and prejudice, my photographs reveal what devotions bring to everyday, inner-city life.” Read More

To Snitch Or Not To Snitch

Photographers document Philadelphia’s “stop-snitching” code, a response to the realities of impoverished Philadelphia neighborhoods that includes the necessity of the drug economy. Read More

Informality and Visibility on the Periphery

In her time as a researcher in Abdijan, Jordanna Matlon explored the African city’s peripheral economies and the men who make their livings and identities in these spaces. Read More


Based on ethnographic work, Greg Scott documents the institution of marriage amidst the difficulties of homelessness and drug addiction. Read More

The Social Life of Wireless Urban Spaces

The increasing use of wireless Internet access in public spaces has transformed the way that urban spaces are used and the types of interactions that take place there. Read More

Situating Memory in Argentina

I left the facility with a strong desire to wash my hands, perhaps to shed any trace of horror in my body. Yet as an … Read More

Literacy Through Photography

Artists, activists, and teachers around the world have put cameras into the hands of children, asking and allowing them to share their visions and stories. Read More

Seeing Switzerland: A Cross Cultural Conversation

Switzerland carries the burden of being everyone’s idealized landscape, speaking actually as well as metaphorically. It has the highest and most beautiful mountains in Europe; … Read More

The Urban Canvas

Cities serve practical, functional, symbolic, ritual, and ideological ends, all with an undeniable visual dimension. Therefore, the city can literally be looked at from different … Read More

Documenting Social Change

Around 1978 I began using photographs to study social change. Clearly not all social change is visible, but much of it is, especially … Read More