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Teaching and Learning

Reflections on K-12 and higher education.

Torture and Scientism

Last summer, the field of psychology was shaken by two reports. They called into question some of the applied and experimental activities of the field. Read More

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the IRB

Just like the ghoulish dementors of the Harry Potter series, IRB committees are typified as the foulest of creatures who feed on the happiness of … Read More

Got Skills?

Photo by KittyKaht via Flickr.   If you’re an academic, moving to the non-academic, post-academic, or alt-academic job market requires a revolution in your … Read More

Ferguson and “Rapid-response” Teaching

Systematic racism was evident again late last summer in the now thoroughly media-covered shooting of an unarmed young Black man, Michael Brown, by a … Read More

Beyond Bullying

Sociologists Jessica Fields and Laura Mamo, along with education researchers, Jen Gilbert and Nancy Lesko, report on their high school storytelling project, Beyond Bullying, that invited teachers, students and community members to record stories of LGBTQ sexuality that moved beyond tales of depression, bullying and suicide towards ordinary narratives of love, loss, friendship and family. Read More

Big Business in the School Cafeteria

Sociologist Ivy Ken questions the activities of two non-profit organizations that broker agreements with food companies to provide healthier products for schools. Read More

The Trouble With Tolerance

Sociologist and gender studies scholar Suzanna Walters explores how the framework of tolerance—and the marriage mania that depends on it—actively undermines robust queer inclusion and freedom. Read More

Are We Still Queer Even Though We’re Married?

Sociologist Verta Taylor and historian Leila Rupp, who wed in 2008 after 30 years together, complicate the debate between queer critics and supporters of same-sex marriage over the consequences of marriage equality. Read More

Rethinking Wikipedia For The Classroom

Sociologist Piotr Konieczny focuses on the issue of Wikipedia's reception in the world of academia: in the background of slowly growing acceptance of it as an educational tool, why is a significant portion of the researchers and instructors still uneasy with it? Read More

On (Not) Practicing What We Preach

What should sociologists do when their everyday lives are at odds with their sociological values? Authors Ara Francis and Jill Bakehorn examine the contradictions that stem from trying to live sociologically and consider how scholars might put personal inconsistencies to good use. Read More