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Young Women of Color and Shifting Sexual Identities

Last spring, one of us was talking with a heterosexual, African-American male friend who said he’d been surprised to learn that his niece, Amani, whom … Read More


Jack Sprat could eat no fat. His wife could eat no lean. And so between them both, you see, They licked … Read More

The Problem of Urban Sprawl

The unique identity of a city has many origins, from the cultural and political to the historic and geographic. But perhaps the most basic defining … Read More

English Soccer’s Mysterious Worldwide Popularity

Why is the English Premier League so popular worldwide? Read More

The Rise of the Gourmet Hamburger

Not all hamburgers are created equal, and given the changes in the U.S. dietary landscape in the past 10 years, hamburgers are only getting … Read More

Reefer Normal

Sociologist Thomas J. Linneman explores trends of support for marijuana legalization in the United States. Read More

Childless… or Childfree?

In the context of declining birth rates, sociologist Amy Blackstone examines the choice not to become a parent and considers social responses to that choice. Read More

Food Insecurity in Rural America

Sociologists Joy Rayanne Piontak and Michael D. Schulman explore spatial inequalities in food insecurity in the United States, specifically the problems of hunger and food access in non-metropolitan and rural localities. Read More

Aging Women, Living Poorer

Sociologist Stacy Torres examines why higher poverty rates persist among older women compared with older men and finds that women continue to face significant economic disadvantages in old age, partly due to a lifetime of unpaid, work-interrupting care giving responsibilities. Read More

Choosing Single Motherhood

Scholar Micere Keels explores the rise of college-educated women of color having children outside of marriage. Read More