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Activism and the Academy, An Interview with Cornel West

Cornel West wears many hats: He is a professor (currently Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard University), author (of 20 books), film … Read More

Broadening the Landscape of Blackness, An Interview with Ayana V. Jackson

In the ongoing and profound expansion of possibility in the visual landscape of Blackness, photographer Ayana V. Jackson brings a critical, aesthetic edge that is … Read More

Why Clinton Lost, An Interview with Melissa Harris-Perry

Sociologist Hana Brown sat down with her Wake Forest University colleague, Melissa Harris-Perry, to discuss the 2016 Presidential election, life as a professor, and … Read More

On Culture, Politics, and Poverty

The Great Recession, Occupy, and Black Lives Matter: all have helped raise public consciousness around issues of economic disadvantage. Leading figures from both major political … Read More

Where Punishment and Pregnancy Meet

Megan Comfort: Hi Carolyn! I’m really excited to talk with you about your new book, Jailcare: Finding the Safety Net for Women Behind Bars. Read More

Observing Life and Death in America: Gary Younge

Gary Younge was recently named a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and he won the Harvard Kennedy School’s David Nayan Prize … Read More

Race and Rachel Doležal: An Interview

In June 2015, I got an email from a California radio station asking me for an interview about a person I had never heard of: … Read More

Indians and Cowboys and Everyone Else

Sunny Jain has spent his career as a drummer and composer, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western music. As the son of Punjabi … Read More

The Shifting Landscape of Sports Media with Dave Zirin

Ben Carrington: Back in 2008, you wrote a piece for Contexts called “Calling Sports Sociology Off the Bench” and you talked about the important … Read More

RaceBaitr talks #HistoryByHillary, queerness

Steven W. Thrasher and genderqueer activist Hari Ziyad on calling out hypocrisy and fighting racism without engaging racists. Read More