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Nuanced, visual explorations of sociological themes.

Students and University Growing Up Together

Photographs and Interviews by Roger J. Wyan In fall 2005, the first class of nearly 900 undergraduate and graduate students filled temporary classrooms—between the … Read More

Anger, Profanity, and Hatred

In the U.S., 2017 ushered in a new presidential administration and a new era of protests. On January 20, approximately 160,000 people attended the inauguration … Read More

It’s Better to be Angry Together

In the shitshow that our American democracy has become, I go to these marches for the humanity of it. Read More

Hope in the Sweatshops of Buenos Aires

We went into La Salada, Latin America’s largest marketplace for low-cost garments, with a clear idea of what the word “sweatshop” meant: deplorable working conditions, … Read More

Photographs of the Mind

Blind folks taking photographs? It may seem unbelievable, but members of the Seeing With Photography Collective have been making pictures for close to 20 years. Read More

The Sadness of the Border Wall

It took two days on the bus for Catalina Cespedes and her husband Teodolo Torres to get from their hometown in Puebla—Santa Monica Cohetzala—to Tijuana. Read More

Babes in Bikeland

In Minneapolis, an annual “alleycat” bike race has become a powerful tool to educate and celebrate gender diversity in the cycling community. Read More

Bonfires of Belfast

Six years ago, I started a project about two annual events in Belfast, Northern Ireland: the Loyalist bonfires of Eleventh Night and the Orange Order … Read More

Mumbai Sleeping

Draped over motorbikes and curled up on curbs, finding rest in urban india. Read More

A Resistance Dance

All photos and text © David Bacon, 2015. The Spaniards conquered the Zapotecs of the central valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico, almost 500 years ago, in … Read More