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Nuanced, visual explorations of sociological themes.

The Sadness of the Border Wall

It took two days on the bus for Catalina Cespedes and her husband Teodolo Torres to get from their hometown in Puebla—Santa Monica Cohetzala—to Tijuana. Read More

Babes in Bikeland

In Minneapolis, an annual “alleycat” bike race has become a powerful tool to educate and celebrate gender diversity in the cycling community. Read More

Bonfires of Belfast

Six years ago, I started a project about two annual events in Belfast, Northern Ireland: the Loyalist bonfires of Eleventh Night and the Orange Order … Read More

Mumbai Sleeping

Draped over motorbikes and curled up on curbs, finding rest in urban india. Read More

A Resistance Dance

All photos and text © David Bacon, 2015. The Spaniards conquered the Zapotecs of the central valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico, almost 500 years ago, in … Read More

Oyler School Against the Odds

Drive west from downtown Cincinnati, over the railroad tracks that snake beneath the 8th Street Viaduct, and you’ll find a little slice of Appalachia, nestled … Read More

Same Trailer, Different Park

I’m in my Florida room inside the Silver Sands Mobile Home Court. It is a linoleum-floored, screened in porch that runs the length of my … Read More

12,906 Days

Wrongfully convicted at 18, Michael Ustaszewski was paroled from prison six weeks shy of his 54th birthday. Sociologist Melissa Sheridan Embser-Herbert documents his experience reentering society after over 35 years behind bars. Read More

Mapping the Flavors of New York City

Artist Hanna Kang-Brown and Sociologist Jacob Kang-Brown explores food as a medium for understanding the U.S. census, representing neighborhood data with spices and using the tasting experience to create a new conversational space in which to talk about the ways in which we identify ourselves and others and how that is shaped by census design. Read More

Detroit’s Wealth of Ruins

Sociologist Jonathan Jan Benjamin Mijs explores Detroit, the symbol of destructive global forces, and finds agency in a wealth of ruins. Read More